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Thursday, 14th November 2013 from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm

Panel Oxford room Specific & New Segments
Create the event! Jam-pack the calendar of unique, one-time occasions! This is what marketing experts suggest to attract visitors and eventually clients to your shopping mall.

Pop-up stores, fast-fashion brands, special product lines… These concepts have grown on the strong assessment that consumers must be given a good reason to come to your store right today.

The rhythms of consumption are therefore twofold. Products and services available 24/7 – both online and offline – are coupled with temporary, special offers.
And the rhythms of cultural consumption also tend to replicate this model, outside and inside malls.

As the happy marriage of mixing culture in shopping centers is proving growingly successful, the formulas for this combination are also evolving: permanent art installations, resident performing arts companies, museum branches do coexist side by side with ephemeral arts performances and special events.

How do malls developers select between special cultural happenings and permanent / semi-permanent institutions? What are the objectives and expectations linked to each of these options? What are the differences in terms of governance, funding and operations for the two alternatives?






Transport for London | Head of Retail
BABINET Matthieu BABINET Matthieu
APSYS | Development Director
Matthieu Babinet is head of development for Apsys group in France since 2010 and works at Apsys since 2003.
He's in charge of prospection for land and shopping centers redeveloppement opportunities.
He manages the conception, the administrative process and contracts partnerships with the real estate operators.

Matthieu Babinet has been working on various open tenders, organized by cities such as :
Caen (Normandy) : Urban shopping center including housing, offices, and hotel
Paris la Villette : Leisure and shopping center inside of the Cité des sciences Museum
Servon (Paris Region) : innovative retail park
Matthieu Babinet graduated at HEC Paris School of Management in 2003.

About Apsys :
Apsys is a global operator in commercial real estate, created in 1996, Apsys invests in, designs, builds, markets and operates retailing and leisure spaces. Apsys responds to consumers' behaviour by adopting an original approach and using its expertise, which enables it to design its schemes and to make them evolve over time. By enhancing the strengths of the environment of each of its projects and highlighting the atmosphere, the social and cultural specificities and heritage of each site, Apsys designs tailor-made spaces that residents can naturally make their own.

Réunion des Musées Nationaux and Grand-Palais Museum | Directeur des Publics et du Numérique
Born in 1961, Vincent Poussou has graduated in business administration. From the begining of his career, he elected the field of culture and specialized in relations to the public.
He successively joined the French Embassy in Peru as cultural attaché deputy further as a consultant for the French ministry of culture, before being in charge of cultural partnership at Ernst and young Consulting. In 1992, he contributes to finalize one of the great operation of the 21st century project of Paris, i.e; Le Parc de la Villette, conceived by Bernard Tschumi.
Between 1994 and 2004, he is in charge at la Villette of déveloping the relationships between the public and this new form of urban park devoted to culture, first as a head of visitor services, then as a director of visitor' services and communication. In 2005, Vincent Poussou is posted to the Centre Pompidou as director of Education and visitor' services in order to help launching a new phase in the development of this thirty years old institution whose main objective is to ensuring that a large variety of people have access to the diversity of contemporary creation. Those nominations led Vincent Poussou to participate in the conception of educational workshops and gardens in Le Parc de la Villette, and most recently, he’s committed in the enlargement of the programme of the Centre Pompidou to the young public and specifically to teenagers, and in the development of the Mobile Pompidou project. He has been recently appointed as Director of digital media and audiences at the Réunion des musées nationaux- Grand Palais.

About Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais:

Every year, the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais presents approximately forty highly-diversified cultural events in Paris, regionally and internationally. The Grand Palais, one of the French people's favorite monuments, is its prestigious showcase in the heart of Paris.
Exhibitions, concerts, shows, fairs, performances… the agenda is both demanding and popular, and accessible to all, promoting cultural democratization through rich and varied cultural mediation.
Alongside events, the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais spreads culture through its publishing activities, its network of art bookstores and its photo agency, the leading French agency for art pictures. The Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais also contributes to enhancing national collections through its acquisitions on behalf of the State.

More information :

Espace Musées | Chef de Projet


Lordculture | Director
Laure Colliex was instrumental to the founding of Lordculture, for which she is now Associate Director. She acts as an expert in Strategy and Management Consultancy.
Laure possesses global and holistic expertise in the management, strategic development, concept definition and governance structure of cultural institutions. Laure is also an expert in cultural policy and is a highly accomplished facilitator of cultural project, public and private stakeholders.
Since the creation of Lordculture in 2005, Laure has worked on diverse projects: interpretative plan for the Musée du Louvre; business plan for Le Laboratoire; programming and concept refinement for the European Parliament Visitor's Centre in Brussels...
Recently, Laure has managed the strategic cultural positioning, cultural program, business model and partnership strategy for Europacity (Immochan Group); the development of a touring exhibition on the theme of climate change for the United Nations Environment Program; the operational and business plans for the project "MétaLmorphoses" for the Paris Mint.

About Lordculture:

Lordculture is a consulting firm specialized in the cultural sector. We collaborate with people and organizations to plan and manage their projects, offering a wide range of integrated services in the strategic, cultural and functional fields.
We can provide you with global project development or a specific expertise, always adapted, innovative and highly creative: feasibility study, strategic planning, functional planning, interpretative planning, supervision of an architecture competition, recruitment and training… We will not only help you imagine, conceive, and plan your project, we will also turn it into reality and manage it.
With the successful completion of more than 1,700 projects in 45 countries on 5 continents, the firm has earned an international reputation for sector leadership, innovation and excellence.
Lordculture is part of Lord Cultural Resources, an international network dedicated to creating cultural capital worldwide since 1981.

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