Senior VP of Horizon / President of hi-GDP
Horizon Research Consultancy Group

Dr. Xi Feng, Senior Vice President of Horizon Research & Consultancy Group and President of hi-GDP (Horizon Institute of Global Development Power), holds a Ph.D. from Brigham Young University, a MBA  from the University of Utah, and MA from Xian Foreign Languages University.

Dr. Feng worked for US-based Ernst & Young (later called Ernst & Young Cap Gemini) for 5 years from 1997-2001, and worked in the US, Sidney, Singapore, South Korea, China (Shanghai), Vietnam, and Hong Kong as senior consultant and regional manager. He provided consulting services ranging from strategic planning to knowledge management to a large number of multi national companies worldwide.

Dr. Feng joined Horizon Research & Consultancy Group in 2002 and has engaged in strategic, easy-to-operate and creative services in strategic planning, marketing strategy, brand management, knowledge management to clients including MNCs, state-run and private Chinese companies. He is responsible for Horizon's international businesses and new initiatives development.


About Horizon Institute of Global Development Power: 


 Horizon Institute of Global Development Power (Hi -GDP) was founded in 2011 by Horizon Research Consultancy Group with its domestic and international strategic partners. It aims to become the most influential, China-based private think-tank on a global stage.

As a private Chinese think tank with a global vision, Hi -GDP is committed to building a global platform, maximizing global resources, developing global businesses, conducting global research and consulting, and promoting global communications and branding. It is a leading professional institute to help Chinese entities going abroad and foreign entities opening and entering the China market.

Hi -GDP focuses on three main areas of services: global exchange programs, global research, and global consulting. It values global perspective and global actions. Given its strong belief in independent thinking and its 20-year expertise and experiences in market research, consulting, social and cultural studies in China, Hi -GDP will optimize its cross-border and cross-disciplinary resources and platforms by innovating global research, services, values, and profit returns for its domestic and international clients.







Session(s) featuring FENG Xi

Thursday, 14th November 2013 from 11:15 am to 12:00 pm
Champs-Elysées room

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