Digital Director
McDonalds France Services
Jean-Noel has been in charge of operation for McDonald's during couple years. Moving from the field to the H.Q at various positions. He led several key projects for the company such as self-ordering kiosk (Positioning McDonald's France on a leader situation on this area). Asked to move to Chicago the worldwide H.Q. working on several innovation subjects that helped the company to move forward and improved customers satisfaction and ROI.
Now in charge of the digital and new technology strategies for McDonald’s. His role is key and strategic in order to put digital as the heart of the company.
Digital will be the spin to differentiate us. His role is to define the keys strategic orientations that the company should take, in order to move forward.
Future & Digital evangelist. Retails companies are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage by doing more with less to become more efficient, Jean-Noel play an active role for core business-units by rethinking offers and over all processes & store concepts in a constant user-centric way of thinking that successfully grow the business. He help the entire department to develop the « what’s next » digital generation of products & services to match today high volatile customer’s expectations.
Emerging trends, negotiation, retail, stores, on-line services, CRM, mobile commerce, digital words and communities, Social network and media. Strategic thinking to lead companies toward success.

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