Praktika Development, RCSC Board Member

Bulat was born in Moscow in 1978

In 1999 graduated from the Moscow Law Institute

In 2003-2007 was working in LLC "IKEA". Bulat was part of management team responsible for opening new IKEA shops and family shopping centers "MEGA" in Russia

In 2007-2012 joined Garant-Invest Group. Last position – CEO "Commercial Real Estate of Garant-Invest Group"

In 2013 became the CEO & managing partner for LLC PRAKTIKA DEVELOPMENT

Since 2010 member of the Presidium of Russian Council of Shopping Centers

In 2011 achieved the title of CPM


About Praktika Development:

PRAKTIKA DEVELOPMENT is a privately-owned Russian holding company established in 2013.

Our key business areas are commercial real estate investment and development as well as property and asset management.

PRAKTIKA DEVELOPMENT activities are based on the principles providing for guarantees and reliability for shareholders, customers and partners. Our objective is to ensure stability even if the general economic situation is vulnerable.

PRAKTIKA DEVELOPMENT operates in commercial real estate development, construction and management. These business segments in Russia can be characterized by stable demand and daily necessity, they show significant growth and are even booming. These factors help us to find profitable investment opportunities and to ensure high yields on investments.

PRAKTIKA DEVELOPMENT activity is creation-oriented. We finance new construction projects which require state-of-the-art technologies, meet people’s demand for certain products and services and create jobs. At the same time we aim at creation the company of strong corporate governments’ principles and well-developed current operations activity. We also put material and human resources to the continuous improvement of the social environment.

Session(s) featuring SHAKIROV Bulat

Wednesday, 13th November 2013 from 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm
Champs-Elysées room

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