VIVIER Emmanuel
VIVIER Emmanuel
HUB Institute

Emmanuel Vivier is Founding Partner of the HUB Institute & Digital marketing expert.
Previously co-founder & CEO of Vanksen agency for 10 years, he is one of the world's leading experts on web 1.0 & 2.0. Emmanuel has contributed to many a noticeable brand's digital strategy and has developed an expertise in counseling luxury and beauty brands. His innovative communication skills were put to the task by the likes of Chanel, Givenchy, L'Oréal, Cartier, CocaCola, Sony, ArcelorMittal, Danone, Guerlain or Jean Paul Gaultier among other. Emmmanuel is a regular conferencer and has delivered more than 400 keynotes throughout the world. Ever the pedagogue, he has trained more than 4500 professionals over the past six years.

About Hub Institute:

To respond to these challenges of our connected ecosystem, the HUB Institute has developed four dedicated fields of expertise.

HUB Institute "Digital Think Tank" is a research driven consulting, training and event company with a strong background on marketing & communication. HUB Institute mission is to stream innovation and insights to global brands and local tigers.

1. Research, Books & Reports: Our research and marketing analysis is published into digital focused studies, trend reports and hardcopy books.

2. Consulting Services: With the ten years of experience of our consulting team, the HUB Institute successfully advises global brands, and globally emerging start-ups.

3. Training Center: The HUB Institute has set up a strategic agenda comprised of digital training sessions organised by theme and country.

4. Digital Events: Our events – HUBFORUM / HUB AWARDS – & networking moments – HUB kLUB – bring together the most influential experts of the digital world.

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